How to Name Your Price

Name Your Price is a reverse auction where buyers of ag chemicals can name the product they want to buy at the price they want to pay. Once the buyer lists their desired product age, pack size, and quantity, a seller can match their price and automatically initiate a transaction. If the seller suggests a different price, the buyer has the power to accept or reject the offer. This risk-free method puts the buyer in control of their purchasing decisions.

Both buyers and sellers provide their information via online registration forms.

A buyer chooses Name Your Price and fills out their desired product information.

Sellers view Name Your Price listings and can either match a buyer’s price or make a bid with a different amount.

If a seller accepts the price named by a buyer, funds are immediately transferred from the buyer.

If a seller bids a different amount, the buyer can accept or reject it.

Once a price is accepted, a buyer receives their product promptly via freight service and inspects it.

Following the 48-hour buyer inspection period, funds are released to the seller.





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