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At, we are very excited that sellers and buyers are using our business-to-business venue at an increasing pace for the exchange of crop protection products. Every member of the agricultural community–the manufacturer, the distributor, the dealer and the grower–is reaping big rewards.

From time-to-time, we hear that a manufacturer’s sales representative may suggest to a grower or a dealer that the manufacturer of a crop protection product might not honor product claims if the product in question was purchased from our venue. We are confident that this suggestion does not represent the management position of crop protection product manufacturers. It certainly is not consistent with our own experience. Manufacturers of products purchased from our site have been

extraordinarily responsive to all product questions and any product claims, which frankly are few in number. Manufacturers have worked too hard and too long to earn the trust of growers to do otherwise.

Since its inception, thousands of growers and channel members have used as their trading venue. When buyers ask us whether manufacturers will stand behind products purchased from our venue, we respond affirmatively and remind them of the EPA’s admonishment “The Label is the Law!” This principle means that there is one EPA-approved source of information for the user that covers everything the user needs to know about the product: what pests it will control on what crops and sites, how and when to apply the product, and even how to dispose of the product. The one source of information is the


manufacturer’s EPA-approved label. The manufacturer’s label explains in detail the conditions of product sale, including product warranties and representations. If the grower has any product performance questions, the manufacturer’s label explains when to contact the manufacturer, who to contact at the manufacturer and, most important, how to contact the manufacturer. The EPA has encouraged manufacturers to include toll-free telephone numbers and websites on their labels for the benefit of users. Just as with the rest of federally approved labels, we are confident that in all cases the manufacturer will stand behind its warranties and representations as stated on its product label, as long as the product was purchased from legitimate channels of commerce, including Only licensed dealers, distributors and manufacturers sell products on our site.

When a manufacturer’s sales representative advises a dealer or a grower that the manufacturer will not honor claims on products purchased from our venue, we are concerned that the EPA might construe such advice as not only confusing, but as a claim that is contrary to the agency-approved label. We are also concerned that such suggestions may frustrate the competitive promise and dynamics of our venue.


Again, our experience is that manufacturers are very ready and very willing to stand behind their products, as long as they are purchased from legitimate channels of trade, electronic, and otherwise. We look forward to your continued support. After all:

“The Label is the Law!”

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