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Remember, if you're not registered, you'll need to Register Now in order to list products for sale.

  1. ACH Account

    Select which bank account you want funds to be deposited into upon completion of this sale. Although you can list as many accounts as you like on the Payment Options page, you can only choose one account for each transaction.

  2. Product for auction

    Go to List a Product from here or via the Seller's Page and select the specific brand name product you wish to list from the drop-down list. You also will need to identify the exact pack size of the product you are listing. If a product is not listed or the correct pack size for your product is not listed, please contact All products to be sold must be in their original, undamaged packaging that must conform to current regulatory requirements. Packages also must be free of old "ship to" labels and other markings not related to the current transaction.

  3. Product location

    Select the location of the product you are selling from the list of shipping locations you provided on the  Shipping Addresses page of your Member Profile.  This information is used to calculate freight costs.

  4. Number of cases per pallet

    Type in the number of drums, cases or bags per pallet.

  5. Number of pallets for sale.

    Type in the number of pallets you are offering for sale.

  6. Age of Product

    Select the approximate age of the product you are listing from the drop-down list. Product manufacture data is printed on the carton near the batch number and can be identified often by the last 2 digits of the year preceded by 2 digits representing the month of production.

  7. Free Delivery Zone (Seller identified sales only)

    You may identify a "free delivery zone" around the shipping location you select. This will allow you to use your trucks or allow buyers to pick up their products directly from you. This option is not valid for anonymous transactions.

  8. Listing Type

    Choose the Fixed Price option.

  9. Anonymity

    Check here if you want the transaction to remain anonymous. Please note that you cannot offer a free delivery zone if you choose to remain anonymous.

  10. Product offering information confirmation

    On the confirmation screen, you will see a summary of your product listing information. Make sure that the EPA registration number shown matches the one on your product's label. After you've reviewed the details of your listing and specified your pricing and geographic restrictions (see next step), press the Submit button to go to the final confirmation page.

  11. Wholesale/retail pricing and geographic zones

    You may list prices at the wholesale level, retail level, or both if you prefer. Wholesale prices are only visible to members who've entered their dealer pesticide license. Additionally, you can identify which geography (down to the county level) in which you would like your prices to be visible. You can include or exclude any zones that you've created in the Geographic Zones section of your Member Profile.

  12. Agreement to follow regulatory requirements and User Agreement

    Carefully read and understand your responsibilities and agreement to follow all regulations associated with the sale and use of pesticides. These regulations vary from state to state and can be obtained by contacting the state pesticide control officer in your state. If you have any questions about your legal responsibilities, you can contact the appropriate state authorities listed on the AAPCO Web site. Carefully check all information on this page before submitting your product. Make sure that the EPA registration number on the product label exactly matches the one listed on the product listing confirmation page. You will also be asked to confirm the condition of the product and its packaging. Your banking information will be displayed and needs to be carefully checked for accuracy. Finally, you must confirm your understanding of the terms and conditions stated in's User Agreement as a condition of participating on the site. Type in the last three letters of your last name and press the Submit button to finalize your listing.

  13. Confirmation of product listing acceptance

    Confirm that has accepted your product listing by searching for your listing on the Search page or visiting your  Activity Summary. Remember, you are legally obligated to complete the sale of this item if a buyer places an order that meets your price/volume requirements. Failure to honor your product listing may result in your disqualification from the site and/or a $250 service fee.

  14. Notification of product sale

    When a buyer places an order from your listing, you will be notified by E-mail of the following:

  15. The buyer's state. (You must be aware of the buyer's state regulations because you may need a license to sell pesticides in that state.)
  16. Whether the buyer is a private applicator, commercial applicator or pesticide dealer. 
  17. The restricted use status of the product.    
  18. The freight carrier's name that will be contacting you and its contact numbers.  
  19. The product name and pack size, EPA registration number, quantity and price.
  20. That's all there is to it! When you're done, go to your Activity Summary to review your listings.

* (rup) – Restricted Use Pesticide

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