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    Product Price Range BUY
    INTERLINE $28.50/GL $30.50/GL
    2,4-D LV 6 $16.95/GL $18.25/GL
    GLYPHOSATE 41% + SURFACTANT $8.90/GL $10.25/GL
    FLUMIOXAZIN 51% WDG $29.50/LB $32.40/LB
    PARAQUAT 43.2% SL (rup) $17.40/GL $19.50/GL
    DICAMBA DMA $29.00/GL $31.50/GL
    CLETHODIM 2 EC $44.15/GL $48.40/GL
    ME-TOO-LACHLOR II $23.50/GL $25.65/GL
    LAMBDA-CY EC (rup) $36.50/GL $38.50/GL
    SULFENTRAZONE 4SC $125.00/GL $133.00/GL
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    *In a 2003 survey conducted of users, our users indicated they saved between 10 - 20% on their chemical purchases on

    * (rup) – Restricted Use Pesticide

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