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Back   Tips for Trading has compiled these tips to help your experience on the site be easy and successful:

Start Early
Enter your bid early for the maximum number of units you want.

Stay Informed
Closely check your position in the auction by referring to your Activity Summary or the Auction Detail Page while the auction is open.

Stay Alert
As a default option,'s XSpert Alert feature is triggered, so you'll receive an E-mail whenever your bid has fallen below the winning bid.

Read Your E-Mail
After registering, be sure to subscribe to the XSpert Search feature (Chemical site only), so that you will be notified when new auctions are opened that meet your product needs.

Keep Current
Make sure that the banking information and shipping addresses in Your Profile are kept up-to-date, so there won't be any delays in processing your order. Please be sure that the regulatory and stewardship page is reviewed for each listing and purchase. ( will not process bids for prospective buyers who do not agree to meet all regulatory requirements).

Check Back
Lost a bid on something you really just had to have? Check again in that category soon! Better yet, enter your product needs using our 'Name Your Price' feature which lets your fellow members know what you are looking for.

* (rup) – Restricted Use Pesticide

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